Easy Nettle & Spinach Soup in 15 Minutes

10 oz bloomsdale spinach
10 oz wild stinging nettles
7 cups broth or water
1 bunch spring onions (12 ea)
1 can coconut milk
3 cloves garlic
salt to taste
cayenne (optional)

Cook time: 15 minutes

  • Bring water/broth to medium simmer.  Add rinsed nettles and boil until stems are tender (about 3 minutes).  Add rinsed spinach and boil till wilted (1-2 minutes).
  • Sauté chopped onions & garilc in lard until tender (2 minutes).  Add to broth.
  • Purée entire ingredients in blender until smooth.  Return to pot and add coconut milk, salt and cayenne to taste.

I’d prefer to add boiled parsnips to thicken but unfortunately they are not in season.

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Turmeric Burger with Golden Turnip Fries

100% grass-fed beef on a bed of broccoli di cicco topped with balsamic chantenay baby carrots and pastured chicken egg.  Served with roasted golden turnips and homemade heirloom ketchup.  Yum!

Turnip Fries:
Pre-heat oven at 450°.  Wash and peel (optional) turnips.  Pat completely dry with towel (important!).  Cut to desired size and spread on a cookie sheet.  Sprinkle with turmeric, sea salt & freshly ground pepper.  Very lightly drizzle with lard and toss.  Roast in oven 10 – 15 minutes until turnips are soft.  Put under broiler for another few minutes to brown.


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Food Journal Part II: Analyzing the Data

So here’s how the first day turned out:

It was hard to keep track of everything I ate!  I found it very helpful to carry my journal everywhere I went.  I also used a nice notepad and pen so I enjoyed writing in it.

The interesting part was during the day I felt like I was doing pretty good however after reviewing my day I found many improvements I could have made.  See my comments in red and blue.

Here’s what I learned so far…
– Keep track of everything! (including foods, drinks, amounts, bathroom breaks, supplement intake, mood, overall condition, activities etc)  This will give you a holistic view of yourself and your relationship to the environment.
– Use symbols & abbreviations. This keeps things short and sweet.  Plus you can create secret codes for describing bowel movements so it’s not so revealing : )
– Use a water bottle of known volume. Fill it in the morning and only refill when it’s empty.  This will help you have a better understanding of how much water you are actually drinking.
– Review your last meal to see how you can improve your next meal.  Incorporate more fruits?  more veggies?  more fats and proteins?

Food Journal days 2 & 3 to come….

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Food Journal Part I: Getting Started

If I were to ask what you ate this morning how accurate would you be?  How about yesterday?  Last week?!

Chances are something would be missing.  It is too easy to forget the extra serving of wine we had with dinner or the few bites of chocolate before bed.  As innocent as these  delicious tiny little snacks may seem, they can wreck havoc throughout your body and your life.  The little amount of caffeine and sugar delivered in that dark chocolate bite can delay you from falling asleep, cause you to wake up throughout the night and leave you with horrible nightmares.  Not to mention the fog you will be in the entire next day!

My challenge for you is to create a food log accounting for EVERYTHING you eat and drink for an entire 3 days.  No cheating!

Here are some helpful tools

Online templates:

Phone apps:

Old school pen & paper (my favorite)

You need to include:

  1. everything you eat
  2. everything you drink
  3. how you feel (morning, before & after meals, before bed)
  4. portion sizes of meals & drinks
  5. BONUS bathroom experiences (I know its gross but we’re accounting for what’s going in and out!)  I suggest checking out Paul Chek’s Joy of POOPing! article

Hang on to your journals as we’ll analyze them in the next posting!

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Our Future Chefs

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So long sweet corn. Hello Monsanto.

GMO corn was previously restricted to the production of oils, sugar and feed for cattle.  Thanks to Monsanto, we can now expect to see it ‘fresh’ in the produce section of the grocers and in all processed foods.  This is the last nail in the coffin for corn both conventional and organic.  So long my beloved truffle salt popcorn and  homemade tortillas!

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Share with Mommy…please?!

I had the opportunity to sample some organic baby food from Fresh Baby Bites in San Francisco.  Let me tell you… babies have it made!  Delicious tasting food served in adorably simple containers waiting to satisfy your taste buds and appetite.  I tried the purple carrots with quinoa and dill, which had a beautiful deep purple tone and very pleasing texture.  I also tried the nectarines with vanilla beans that were out of this world!  This one would be perfect frozen and served as a Popsicle to someone of any age.  Both servings had very simple flavors that enhanced the essence of the food.  These make for the perfect introduction of a babies sensitive taste palette to real wholesome food.

I’ve fallen in love with their containers.  They are perfect to re-use for leftover sauces and to help organize spices in the pantry!

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Why You No Got Kefir?

Endless reasons to Get it, Grow it and Gulp it:

  • Kick-ass probiotic (better than yogurt)
  • Keeps your gut healthy and digestion running smoothly
  • Provides massive amounts of vitamins & minerals
  • Reduces/eliminates sugar from milk for low-carbers
  • Awesome post-workout meal
  • Tastes yummy in liver smoothie
  • Perfect conversation piece with non-foodie friends
  • Continuously reproduces new grains for future kitchen experiments

Homemade is far superior than store bought and using raw milk is a must for all obvious health benefits.  Try using fresh goat’s milk, it’s my favorite!  If you need grains send me a message – I’ll hook you up!

~Check out this website, it’s the Mecca of Kefir~


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Viva Nopales!

This delicious vegetable, used abundantly in Mexican cuisine, is an unfortunate stranger to our taste palette in the US.  It offers a uniquely slimy yet delectable crunch that can enhance meals both cooked and raw.  Once the spines have been removed (as shown above) no further preparation is needed.  In Mexico it is common to dice the pads, boil and add to salsa, tacos and fajitas.  They are also great sliced raw in salad or salsa.  One of my favorite dishes is huevos con nopales.  The preparation is super easy and makes a great breakfast!

Here’s how to do it:
– 1 nopales cactus pad
– 2 small spring onion bulbs
-3 pastured eggs (duck eggs work great and are have awesome health benefits)
– sea salt & pepper to taste

Slice up some nopales and spring onion.
Sauté in pan for about 4 minutes (I did this in some left over bacon fat- added nice flavor!)
Season with sea salt & pepper.
Serve over scrabbled eggs!

I’ve also fermented these lovely paddles.  The texture was similar to cooked nopales but the flavor was stronger.  The brine turned out very slimy.  Not my favorite ferment but nice to throw on some tacos or dare my boyfriend to eat!

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Raw Milk Prohibition?!

I thought milk was supposed to do a body good.  Apparently not unless it has been denatured by pasteurization according to our government regulators.

Our good friends Jane and Mike, who operate a goat share program in San Jose, fell victim to the recent crack-down on raw milk suppliers.

Here is their newsletter announcing this saddening news.

The good news is they are fighting back and have some great customers supporting them!  As mentioned in the newsletter there are many ways we can help out including volunteering our time at farm.  They have also set up an account where they can accept donations for their cause.  I’m sure every bit helps and is greatly appreciated!

More news to come after they meet with the county officials this week…

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