Easy Nettle & Spinach Soup in 15 Minutes

10 oz bloomsdale spinach
10 oz wild stinging nettles
7 cups broth or water
1 bunch spring onions (12 ea)
1 can coconut milk
3 cloves garlic
salt to taste
cayenne (optional)

Cook time: 15 minutes

  • Bring water/broth to medium simmer.  Add rinsed nettles and boil until stems are tender (about 3 minutes).  Add rinsed spinach and boil till wilted (1-2 minutes).
  • Sauté chopped onions & garilc in lard until tender (2 minutes).  Add to broth.
  • Purée entire ingredients in blender until smooth.  Return to pot and add coconut milk, salt and cayenne to taste.

I’d prefer to add boiled parsnips to thicken but unfortunately they are not in season.

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