Food Journal Part II: Analyzing the Data

So here’s how the first day turned out:

It was hard to keep track of everything I ate!  I found it very helpful to carry my journal everywhere I went.  I also used a nice notepad and pen so I enjoyed writing in it.

The interesting part was during the day I felt like I was doing pretty good however after reviewing my day I found many improvements I could have made.  See my comments in red and blue.

Here’s what I learned so far…
– Keep track of everything! (including foods, drinks, amounts, bathroom breaks, supplement intake, mood, overall condition, activities etc)  This will give you a holistic view of yourself and your relationship to the environment.
– Use symbols & abbreviations. This keeps things short and sweet.  Plus you can create secret codes for describing bowel movements so it’s not so revealing : )
– Use a water bottle of known volume. Fill it in the morning and only refill when it’s empty.  This will help you have a better understanding of how much water you are actually drinking.
– Review your last meal to see how you can improve your next meal.  Incorporate more fruits?  more veggies?  more fats and proteins?

Food Journal days 2 & 3 to come….

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