Viva Nopales!

This delicious vegetable, used abundantly in Mexican cuisine, is an unfortunate stranger to our taste palette in the US.  It offers a uniquely slimy yet delectable crunch that can enhance meals both cooked and raw.  Once the spines have been removed (as shown above) no further preparation is needed.  In Mexico it is common to dice the pads, boil and add to salsa, tacos and fajitas.  They are also great sliced raw in salad or salsa.  One of my favorite dishes is huevos con nopales.  The preparation is super easy and makes a great breakfast!

Here’s how to do it:
– 1 nopales cactus pad
– 2 small spring onion bulbs
-3 pastured eggs (duck eggs work great and are have awesome health benefits)
– sea salt & pepper to taste

Slice up some nopales and spring onion.
Sauté in pan for about 4 minutes (I did this in some left over bacon fat- added nice flavor!)
Season with sea salt & pepper.
Serve over scrabbled eggs!

I’ve also fermented these lovely paddles.  The texture was similar to cooked nopales but the flavor was stronger.  The brine turned out very slimy.  Not my favorite ferment but nice to throw on some tacos or dare my boyfriend to eat!

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