Why You No Got Kefir?

Endless reasons to Get it, Grow it and Gulp it:

  • Kick-ass probiotic (better than yogurt)
  • Keeps your gut healthy and digestion running smoothly
  • Provides massive amounts of vitamins & minerals
  • Reduces/eliminates sugar from milk for low-carbers
  • Awesome post-workout meal
  • Tastes yummy in liver smoothie
  • Perfect conversation piece with non-foodie friends
  • Continuously reproduces new grains for future kitchen experiments

Homemade is far superior than store bought and using raw milk is a must for all obvious health benefits.  Try using fresh goat’s milk, it’s my favorite!  If you need grains send me a message – I’ll hook you up!

~Check out this website, it’s the Mecca of Kefir~


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