Food Journal Part I: Getting Started

If I were to ask what you ate this morning how accurate would you be?  How about yesterday?  Last week?!

Chances are something would be missing.  It is too easy to forget the extra serving of wine we had with dinner or the few bites of chocolate before bed.  As innocent as these  delicious tiny little snacks may seem, they can wreck havoc throughout your body and your life.  The little amount of caffeine and sugar delivered in that dark chocolate bite can delay you from falling asleep, cause you to wake up throughout the night and leave you with horrible nightmares.  Not to mention the fog you will be in the entire next day!

My challenge for you is to create a food log accounting for EVERYTHING you eat and drink for an entire 3 days.  No cheating!

Here are some helpful tools

Online templates:

Phone apps:

Old school pen & paper (my favorite)

You need to include:

  1. everything you eat
  2. everything you drink
  3. how you feel (morning, before & after meals, before bed)
  4. portion sizes of meals & drinks
  5. BONUS bathroom experiences (I know its gross but we’re accounting for what’s going in and out!)  I suggest checking out Paul Chek’s Joy of POOPing! article

Hang on to your journals as we’ll analyze them in the next posting!

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